At Keensight Capital, we target profitable companies with high-growth potential and revenues in the range of €15 million to €250 million.


We invest amounts ranging from €20 million to €200 million.


We make equity investments in a number of situations including the provision of capital to finance growth, either organically or through acquisitions, or the buying out of existing shareholders. Our investments can take the form of either minority or majority shareholder positions.


But our investment goes even further than that – we work alongside each management as a team to build a more valuable company using in-house operational talents as well as Keensight Capital’s wide network of contacts and expertise.








Keensight Capital specializes exclusively in the growth buyout space, marking it out from its peer group as a unique investor. Growth buyout is a type of financing that can help successful companies to expand further. Through the provision of capital accompanied by strategic advice at the board level, growth buyout investors can help companies realize their full potential and garner profits and value in the process. It differs from conventional venture capital or traditional leveraged buyouts (LBOs) as investments are only made in companies that are profitable, and provide returns mostly based on the successful development of the business rather than on high financial leverage, restructuring or cutting costs.


This type of investment is an ideal growth solution for companies that are already successful and have identified further opportunities, yet lack the necessary resources to achieve these strategic goals. Geographic expansion, acquisitions or product developments require significant investments; in such situations, Keensight Capital’s expertise, combined with the operational advice and support of its experienced team, can make a real difference. Such investments can take the form of either minority or majority shareholder positions, depending on the type of company, and they can be structured with little or no financial leverage.


Furthermore, growth buyout can be an alternative to an IPO or a trade sale, by freeing up liquidity for shareholders, including the management team, without the constraints associated with these two processes. Remaining private may also give you the opportunity to round out your management team and hone your strategy before testing the public market. Should you choose to go public at a later date, we will help you put the processes in place to be a successful public company.



Majority and Minority Growth Buyout Investments