We approach every investment we undertake in the same manner and we are committed to accelerating your path to success. Our history of growth buyout investing has given us a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by high-growth companies. This expertise and insightful knowledge is an undeniable asset which will further assist you as we move forward together.


Our investments are determined by each business’ needs. Whether they want to raise capital to fund business growth, buy a company or diversify their net worth by selling equity ownership, we help the managers we partner with determine the most beneficial structure according to their objectives. This potentially includes the following:

- Providing capital to:

 • Expand sales and marketing

 • Finance the current working capital

 • Invest in new products or markets

 • Undertake acquisitions

- Giving liquidity to successful entrepreneurs or other shareholders by purchasing some of their shares

- Offering leveraged recapitalization transactions to entrepreneurs who wish to realize some value from their investment, while also participating in further upside. At Keensight Capital, we help managements retain majority control while sometimes even increasing their ownership

- Supporting management teams and minority shareholders by helping them purchase a company or a division from its owner






At Keensight Capital, we value the relationships we build with the management teams of companies in which we invest, and ensure that our vision is aligned with theirs. Whether our ownership position is minority or majority, our team is a trusted advisor and partner to management teams and acts as a supportive investor, without interfering in day-to-day operations.


Over the past 25 years, Keensight Capital’s team has developed an extensive network of contacts in our targeted industries, entirely available to our portfolio companies. We can assist you in building a strong board, completing or developing your management team, identifying revenue enhancement opportunities, sourcing or evaluating acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships.


Thanks to our successful track-record and our previous experience within the Rothschild Group, we have built a comprehensive network within the financial community which can readily assist you in accessing capital markets, structuring debt financings, and completing mergers and acquisitions. We have helped many portfolio companies to complete initial public offerings in Europe or in the USA or complete strategic cross-border sales.


At Keensight Capital, we bring a patient approach and a long-term investment perspective to build outstanding businesses. The exit strategy is always developed in close collaboration with the management teams so that it both makes sense for the business and maximizes the value for all parties involved.






We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct, and take great pride in our honesty, integrity and accountability. These principles are practiced rigorously when assessing investment opportunities and evaluating results.


All investments made by Keensight Capital are based on the ESG principles, and we are signatories of the PRI, the Principles for Responsible Investments, promoted by the United Nations.




Majority and Minority Growth Buyout Investments